The Accident And Emergency Spillover Ward

Since October 2009, another addition to the hospital’s landscape has been the recently commissioned Accident and Emergency Spillover Ward located at the Skye bank building. This 36 bedded facility is a welcome addition to the over stretched emergency services of the hospital. The A&E Spillover ward was literally forced to commence operations when LUTH was designated a referral centre for the FIFA Under-17 competition held in the country in October 2009. Since its inception nine months ago it has served 353 patients (as at July ending) with varied medical, surgical and gynaecology diseases. The facility is modern in design and outlook with an accommodating reception with a flat screen Television with Satellite link. There are also adequate rest rooms for the convenience of visitors.

There are 3 wards each with the capacity to accommodate 12 patients, the first ward is used to admit critically ill patients and for resuscitation. All the beds are adjustable and can also be used to take patients for investigations without the use of a stretcher. There is a fully equipped emergency cart in the resuscitation bay and two(2) multi-parameter monitors, Oxygen supply is guaranteed at all times with the presence of an Oxygen concentrator for back up to the regular cylinders. Each ward is also air-conditioned and equipped with Television sets for the viewing pleasure of patients and relatives.

The Nursing care available at the Spillover ward is second to none with caring, dynamic, ready and eager to assist nurses available just a few feet from the patient. Doctors in the regular emergency department also provide cover for the spillover ward alongside the various specialty unit doctors.

Visitors to the Spillover ward are always struck by the cleanliness and freshness of the place and it is now a bench mark for the provision of emergency room facilities within the hospital. Laboratory services to the ward are provided by the Diagnostic centre laboratory with backup from the hospital’s main laboratory and the LUTH/Pathcare laboratory.

The Spillover ward though a part of the hospital’s emergency services is managed by LUTH INITIATIVES to allow for better maintenance of the facility. Patients are required to pay an initial deposit that covers admission, drugs and basic investigations. Since the patients are regular hospital patients their treatment is coordinated by the various units of the emergency department along with the relevant specialty units till they are admitted into the ward. However, patients are free to decide to continue their care on the private ward, regular ward or amenity rooms as appropriate. There is also room for short stay admissions for minor procedures, chemotherapy, blood transfusion etc.

On the whole, the Spillover ward is a much welcome addition in the hospital’s drive to provide patient friendly service to its clientele.

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